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Remembering Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)

Gypsy Rose would like to honor the life of one of the world’s most remarkable figures, the late Nelson Mandela, the President of the Republic of South Africa from 1994-1999.  Among his many accomplishments & hardships Mandela will no doubt be most remembered for his quest to bring unity to his homeland and abroad.  Mandela faced great odds in his fight against human rights abuses.  The young Rolihlahla Mandela lived in a different South Africa than the one we know today.   Segregation had existed before in South Africa while it was a colony of Great Britain & Holland.  The government institution of apartheid in the mid 1900s furthered this segregation.  Apartheid drew deep divisions between the races which greatly affected the black majority along socio-economic lines while the ruling white minority enjoyed prosperity.  Through his opposition to these human rights inequalities, Mandela faced trials and ultimately a conviction of conspiracy which led to his infamous 27 years behind bars.  After years of international and internal pressure, South Africa abolished apartheid and allowed multiracial elections after his release in 1990.  And in 1994 Nelson Mandela became president, the first black citizen to do so.  He did not begin his term with bitter, vindictive retribution but rather he worked with his fellow white citizens to try to improve relations in South Africa.  Unity, not division, led the way.  It was not an easy time for him or South Africa but the nation made great steps as the century came to a close.  Nelson Mandela and South Africa, like many people and nations throughout history, are not without their critics.  But from their struggles and successes we can all learn and hopefully improve our world

Gypsy Rose strives to continue to spread the word of peace & unity.  You’ve seen the words and the slogans throughout our catalog & website pages: COEXIST, PEACE, ONE PEOPLE ONE WORLD ONE LOVE, HARMONY, RESPECT, COMPASSION, LIVE YOUR DREAMS, WE MUST BE THE CHANGE WE WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD.  But they are not just mere words and slogans.  They represent powerful lessons, teachings & beliefs which apply to all people and all nations throughout history.  From a man who rose from the strife of early 1900s South Africa to your own story in your own town, these words echo Gypsy Rose’s message of love, peace and unity.  Long live the memory of the great Nelson Mandela.

Peace, Gypsy Rose