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Hair Accoutrements, and Celestial Chic, and Petal Power…oh my! Trends hitting the “yellow brick runway” this fall

By: Freya Selene

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               This fall, deck out your do with surprise pops of color and flare with accessories. Accessorizing isn’t just for the body this season, the fashion world over has been spotted in “a sea of head-turning hair accessories” (Ruffner) particularly amongst the Scandinavian “it girl” scene. Hair ornaments are a great way to add color and fun into any ensemble. Don’t be afraid to use that scrunchie laying around, hiding in secret for that bun you don during your nightly face wash.  Looks like it’s also time to bust out those 90’s butterfly clips and adorn your strands. Check out some of the great hair “dos” at

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In addition, this fall, take your style to infinity and beyond! Planetary and celestial duds are outtasight as they storm the streets and strut the catwalk. Love the night life…? Sport the moon and stars on your attire or adorn yourself with shooting star earrings and rings. And if you love having fun in the sun, brighten your getup by adding patches to denim or a sunny kerchief. Its close encounters of the fashion kind, get celestial chic at

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The 90’s aren’t the only comeback making its way down the runway, the 60’s/70’s flower power movement is also blossoming this fall. Rich colors and feminine floral motifs are a great way to ease the transition from the zenith of summer into the slumber of the cooler months. Jewelry, bags, and abloom vêtements are all ways to update your looks to the garden style trending this season. Don’t get caught with grey gardens and put the flower petal to the metal and head over to for all things flowered.



Photo Credits

Barbara Potts courtesy of Rosemarie Vind

Lia Pavlova photo by Umberto Fratini/

Collage photo by Getty, IMAXTREE

Gypsy Rose Product Images by Freya Selene

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