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Hey Now!

We love that you love what we are all about here at Gypsy Rose! We are all about the the peaceful hippie scene and keeping this love vibe alive. And there are so many others who share this love of the scene and also work to keep spreading loving & peaceful vibes to the world. Many do so by owning their own unique shops and boutiques filled with an incredible variety of all things hippie, bohemian, retro, vintage, ethnic, eco-friendly, classic-rockin’, natural, celestial, and whimsical.

Is there a shop in your area that has that one-of-a-kind freaky fare that you just can’t find anywhere else? You know… the place where all the cool people meet & there’s good tunes blaring on the stereo? Maybe there’s some black light posters on the wall or huge multi colored tapestries draped from the ceiling. Maybe filled with books of eastern mysticism or hundreds of bumper stickers from the witty to the laugh out loud funny to the serious environmental & peace slogans? Maybe there’s a distinctive aroma of Indian incense permeating every corner? YEAH, THAT PLACE! If you are lucky enough to have one of these shops in your area then give ‘em some love! It would be a dull world without that groovy kind of shop. And they won’t be around forever if we don’t step inside their doors & support them.

These shops keep the vibe alive in their little corners of the world, and offer a sensory perception that you just can’t find in cyberspace. Walk in to any local head shop, boutique, smoke shop, record store, vintage shop, or hippie haven and you’ll get so much more than just cool gear. You’ll get the chance to sniff the incense, to feel the fibers, to dig through mountains of cool gear and to get to know the people who are dedicating their lives to keeping this scene alive. Share some stories, have some laughs, and learn a thing or two by swingin’ in and saying hi to your local head shop owners. If you love this scene of peace, love, and hippie vibes, there’s no better way to support it and everyone who shares it with us!