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Free Gifts

Who deserves a free gift?! Why, our amazing & loyal customers do, of course!

As our way of saying “thanks for supporting us”, we want to send you a little somethin’ special! Consider it a hug in the form of free goodies! We love our customers, and love even more to shower them in free gifts for being so dang awesome!

Our hip experts have selected some of the finest fun freaky stuff to offer as free gifts. Clothing, bags, accessories, scented oils, incense, ethnic music, toys and some mystery surprise items that are so great we can’t even tell you what they will be! We love giving!

We would be so upset to see that a package went out without a free gift! It just breaks our heart. So please make sure you select one at the time you place order. How it works: check out your sub-total before the shipping & handling is added. Is your sub-total over $50 before shipping & handling? Then congratulations! You qualify for one free gift from the $50 section. If your sub-total before shipping & handling is over $100 then you can choose one free gift from the $100 section. We also have gifts in the over $150 and over $200 category.

We are happy to participate in the circle of giving and we hope it will inspire others to give as well. And just think… if a particular free gift that we offer may not be something that you would like then it just might be the perfect gift for someone else! Voila! INSTANT GIFT SHOPPING! And it was free!

We are not the best at what we do; we are the only ones that do it quite like we do it. We’d like to say, “Cheers to you!” for helping us to carry on doing what we do and for keeping the hippie vibe alive! Thanks!