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Wholesale Information


Do you have your own business & think that Gypsy Rose gear would be a good fit on your shelves? You’ll be glad to know that at Gypsy Rose, the majority of our business is in fact wholesale. We have been supplying small businesses with our unique collection of merchandise for decades. We feel it is important to offer our products to retail customers as well. This helps to keep our brand strong and provides us with immediate sales trends results from the public. With this knowledge we can help our buyers keep us stocked with what is trendy, funky, and fun. Then of course this feedback will help our wholesale customers as well since our product lines continue to reflect what people love! The majority of our retail customers actually prefer to purchase our wares right from the brick & mortar store in their area. This way they get the opportunity to see and touch actual Gypsy Rose products. We can even provide your store with a copy of our retail catalog that you can show to your customers. This will help you to work with your customers for special orders and “wish lists”. The symbiotic relationship between your business & ours is what fuels both of us & helps to keep the scene alive! You are a lifeline to the buying public & see them face to face so we love to hear from you! The selection, diversity & quality of Gypsy Rose’s product line have no doubt been directly influenced over the years by the information we receive from our wholesale customers. As we grow & evolve, so do you.

With the wide variety of merchandise we carry, we are a one-stop source for all types of stores. From hippie shops to bohemian boutiques, head shops & smoke shops, 60’s & 70’s vintage stores, natural health shops, spiritual stores, yoga & dance studios, flea market booths, traveling festival vendors, personal online ventures, music & record stores & tattoo shops, Gypsy Rose has something for everyone. We pride ourselves in having competitive pricing and great customer service. We have been doing this longer than most so we are confident in our business. It is hard to find another that carries the unique variety of goodies that Gypsy Rose does.

We are here to work with you to get the best experience for both your business and ours. Please let us know your suggestions, gripes, special requests, you name it. We will try our best to accommodate. Working together we can keep the hippie scene alive and let it flow and grow for years to come!

Please only legitimate re-sale businesses need apply. Gypsy Rose reserves the right to withhold wholesale prices from anyone or any business that does not appear to be ordering our products for a legitimate resale operation. Thank you for your understanding.