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Crystal Clear?

By Freya Selene


When life hands you lemons make Cristal? Okay, so lemons don’t make champagne but you get the picture. Sometimes a dash of magic mixed with a bowl full of hope can turn even the most abysmal of fails into a burgeoning transformation. I’ve always been interested in fashion, beauty, and culture. And because I follow the world of fashion and the people in it, I stumbled upon the powerful work of the Aussie supermodel and mogul, Miranda Kerr. The book, Treasure Yourself: Powerful Thoughts For My Generation. The lesson, treasure and believe in yourself. What I learned from my well-worn copy brought positivity to my life during a time of starting over. Not just another pretty face, Kerr lives a holistic lifestyle that’s filled with essential oils, meditation, and an overall zen approach to health and wellness. Hence, her crystal obsession, in a very non-Walter White kind of way. Ahh, I can smell the patchouli now… but I digress. After gaining so much from her inspirational book, I delved into the world of crystals as Miranda Kerr is a big proponent of their power that she even infuses the energy of crystals into her natural beauty line, Kora Organics. Kerr states that she’s “been using [crystals] for a long time, and that’s when you really begin to understand their energy and their power” (1).

Crystals, just a bunch of hocus pocus? Not necessarily. “Crystals are millions of years old and were forged during the earliest part of the earth’s formation [...]” (4). Based on what scientists have gathered through geology, one might even say crystals are the fundamental units of life. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the use of crystals dates back more than 6,000 years to ancient Mesopotamia.  Civilizations such as the Romans, Egyptians, and Greeks also used the power of crystals to “promote healing, enlightenment, and fulfillment” (3). Crystals dwell in the realm of the metaphysical, meaning it is of or relating to a reality beyond what is perceptible to the senses. It is believed to open the gates of the mind and enhance it’s psychic abilities. Similar to that three-eyed raven we have come to adore, winter is coming, one must allow the mind to transcend beyond in order to “see” what is right in front of it. Chakra, no, not the first name of that chart topping musical wonder of the 70’s and 80’s but the ancient Sanskrit word for wheel or disk. The body’s chakra refers to wheels of energy where matter and consciousness meet. Through the metaphysical philosophy, crystals help to assist and maintain our body’s physical, mental, and emotional balance, no prescription needed.



Now that you have some understanding and historical intel into crystals let’s talk about where in the world to begin when it comes to which crystal helps with what. There are a plethora of crystals and stones to choose from that it can seem overwhelming but lucky for you there is most likely a crystal for that. This blog is not long enough to discuss each and every one but I have narrowed it down to the three most commonly used à la Ms. Kerr, amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz.


cry_5~Chakra of spirit

~Rids negative energy, treats addictions, protects against over-indulgence, and clears the mind

~Lavender or purple in color

~High vibration

            Rose Quartz



~Chakra of connection between spirit and matter

~Promotes positive energy and emotional balance, enhances all types of love (self, love of others, and unconditional), releases stress/tension/anger, and helps to curb jealousy

~Light pink in color

Clear Quartz

cry_7~Chakra of spirit

~Master healer and energy amplifier

~Connects you with your higher-self, intuition, and spirit guides, cleanses and enhances organs as well as the soul

~Clear in color

~Works at the specific vibrational frequency of the person who needs healing


For any crystal, you want to try to make sure you learn it’s lineage. “You want to have the most positive, clean, and clear energies in your crystals” (4). Nobody wants a crystal tainted by bad vibes so if it doesn’t feel right put it down and keep searching. It’s very important to periodically cleanse and recharge your crystals and stones by leaving them out in the moonlight and/or sunlight specifically when they’re at their brightest and strongest.

As Miranda says, “I am a huge believer in the power of positive thinking. We all have unlimited potential, and if we accept the obstacles that cross our paths and learn from the lessons involved, we can reach our full potential” (2). Whether you believe in the power of crystals is up to you. There is nothing wrong with anything that promotes positive vibes and inner peace. Give it a try, you may find there is a little magic in the world after all.


Intrigued…? For more information about these crystals and others check out the Mecca of all things crystal, The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall.


Want to learn the power of positive thinking…? Pick up a copy of Miranda Kerr’s Treasure Yourself.

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